David P. Roberts

Division of Science and Mathematics
University of Minnesota - Morris
Morris, Minnesota 56267
(320)-589-6348 (work, Science 2360)
(320)-589-4628 (home)
e-mail: roberts@morris.umn.edu

Welcome to my homepage! Here's a brief vita and my Fall 2014 schedule
Teaching. This semester I am teaching Calculus I, Survey of Calculus, and History of Mathematics. The two calculus courses uses WeBWorK. Here's a list of courses I've taught in the past and a list of senior seminars I've advised.
Research. My main field of research is number theory, with a focus on number fields, p-adic fields, and dessins d'enfants. I also have a side interest in game theory. Here's a presentation I gave for non-mathematicians, "Dessins d'Enfants: a Window into the Culture of Mathematical Research." Here is a list of research publications and preprints and a list of talks I have given on my research.

math links, intended to help students learn to navigate in math cyberspace.
family photos
book reviews I've written for MAA online.

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