Some Resources for Psychology Students

  1. A career decision tree for psychology undergraduates

  2. On the APA web site, go to 'students' and then 'psychology careers'. One of the things you can download as a PDF file is a short brochure written about careers in psychology. APA website

  3. A good reference on the difference between Ph.D. and Psy. D. degrees:

  4. It looks like the best source for finding grad programs in one specific area may be:

    Graduate Study in Psychology published by the American Psychological Association. It lists, by state, most of the graduate psychology programs in this country. It includes information about admission criteria, how many students are accepted each year, number of faculty members, and where to get more information and an application. You can order Graduate Study in Psychology directly from: American Psychological Association, Order Department, P.O. Box 2710, Hyattsville, MD, 20784 (800) 374 2721" (or from their online site.

  5. A good search site for grad schools

  6. Minnesota Psychological Association Website. For information on what you can do with a Master's degree in Psych versus a doctoral degree, look at "About Psychology" and then choose Minnesota Statues 148.88 - 148.98

  7. The Psychology Graduate Applicant's Portal is designed to assist students who are applying to graduate programs.

  8. A listing of Psy. D. programs around the country.

  9. Nonacademic careers for scientific psychologists

  10. Marky Lloyd's careers in psychology.

  11. Overview of job prospects in Psychology

  12. A nice list that describes the various areas of psychology

  13. University of Minnesota School Psychology link

  14. A good forensic psychology web site

  15. Information on guidance counseling:

  16. Social Work:

    University of Minnesota Social Work Graduate School Site

    Merit System for Social Work

    Web Site for Social Workers

  17. Child Life Specialist web site

  18. Site for Info on Summer Programs

  19. Minnesota Department of Corrections. Info on Internships and much more\

  20. Unique careers in psychology

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